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Week In Review (May 17th.)

Welcome to my weekly post. I will focus on any themes I see and also curate content that is of interest and doesn’t have a vendor specific bias. So, what have I gained from social media this week?

1. It is all Visual

A current favorite is still there and my crystal ball tells me it will be there next week too!! It seems we are all very interested visualizing data, telling stories with data, with the sweet spot being visualization to tell stories about COVID-19:

I get this is the ‘sexy’ side of data but I am concerned we are all getting a little overly focused on the Style not the Substance

2. Webinars

In the market down turn, there has been an increase in free webinars that are available. They can be a great way to:

  • Positioning yourself as a thought leader.
  • Building trust by taking the time to share your knowledge or point of view.
  • Re engage with clients you may have not interacted with in a while.
  • Close an opportunity by introducing a new client to a forum that includes other satisfied customers.
  • Qualify if a customer in engaged. If they don’t sign up, it is unlikely they are really interested in your organisation.

3. AI

AI continues to occupy space in mainstream press. I particularly enjoyed these articles that both focus on the ethics topic sooner than technology

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